Piushaven 17, 5017 AN Tilburg

Our History

The tastiest dishes also have a beautiful history

In Tilburg you can enjoy the Piushaven
and thanks to the Shinzo building

Almost 100 years ago, on April 4, 1923, the Piushaven was officially opened in Tilburg. This port of entry and exit would be good for Tilburg companies that could get their goods delivered and delivered in this way. However, in the 1980s, this activity had largely ceased and the southern arm of the Piushaven had already been filled in. The remaining part of the Piushaven was also in the books to disappear, but at Piushaven 17 there was still a grain company that was sporadically supplied by water. And this turned out to have been the salvation for the inner city of Tilburg. The grain company eventually disappeared, but nowadays you can find Shinzo at 17 Piushaven. Rebuilt in the style of the old grain company, with the wooden appearance of this former grain shed on the first floor, including the footbridge. Where the best grain in the area used to be found, you will now find the best Japanese specialties. Japanese, and yet very Tilburgish. In the wake of this, the municipality modernized the quay and many more catering establishments settled on the water. Today, this is a vibrant area of the Tilburg city center for all ages.